(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Working toward a common goal
1. (act of cooperating) cooperation, coadjuvancy, coadjutancy; co-agency, coefficiency, concert, concurrence, participation, collaboration, coexistence; bipartisanship; cogeneration; combination, collusion, complicity, conspiracy, connivance, fraternization; teamwork, solidarity; symbiosis. Informal, old boy network.
2. (cooperative group) association, alliance, colleagueship, [co]partner-ship; confederation, affiliation, coalition, bloc, fusion (see combination); cooperative, co-op, commune; logrolling, give-and-take; common ground, unanimity (see assent); esprit de corps, party or team spirit; clanship, partisanship. See party, agreement.
1. cooperate, coexist; concur; conspire, collaborate, collude, connive, fraternize, concert, lay heads together, get together; confederate, affiliate, be in league with; unite one's efforts; keep, pull, club, hang, hold, league, or band together; be banded together, stand shoulder to shoulder, be in the same boat, act in concert, put one's heads together, pool resources, line up, gang up, join forces, understand one another, get along, hunt in couples; split the difference (see compromise). Informal, play ball, team or hook up.
2. (cooperate with) side with, go or play along with, sign up, go hand in hand with, join hands with, make common cause with, chime in, pitch in, go along for the ride, unite or join with, mix oneself up with, pull one's weight, hold up one's end, take part in, cast in one's lot with, enter into partnership with, throw in with, line up with; go around with, hang or stick together; play politics. Informal, throw in with. Slang, play footsie with, get into bed with.
3. be a party to, be in on, lend oneself to, participate, have or keep a hand in, have a finger in the pie, take part in, chip in; second, aid.
Adjectives — cooperating, in cooperation or league; coadjuvant, coadjutant; cooperative, coefficient, collegial; participatory, partaking; favorable to; unopposed. Informal, in cahoots with.
Adverbs — cooperatively; as one man, together, unanimously, shoulder to shoulder, side by side, hand in hand, hand in glove, in common, share and share alike, pro rata.
Prepositions — with, in cooperation with, in league with.
Phrases — politics make strange bedfellows; four eyes see better than two; a chain is no stronger than its weakest link; united we stand, divided we fall.
Quotations — Government and cooperation are in all things the laws of life (John Ruskin).
Antonyms, see opposition.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Mutual assistance]
Syn. collaboration, participation, combination, concert, joint effort, teamwork, union, concurrence, confederacy, confederation, conspiracy, alliance, partnership, coalition, fusion, pooling of resources, federation, partisanship, bipartisanship, unanimity, concord, harmony, solidarity, interaction, synergy, coaction, collusion, connivance, complicity, team spirit, esprit de corps; see also agreement 2 , association 1 .
Ant. discord, disagreement*, separation.
2. [Aid]
Syn. help, assistance, service; see aid 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
collaboration, assistance, help, give-and-take, concert, complicity, compliance, participation, *playing ball, pooling of resources, accommodation.
ANT.: opposition, undermining, autonomy
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun 1. Joint work toward a common end: coaction, collaboration, synergy, teamwork. See CONFLICT. 2. The state of being associated: affiliation, alliance, association, combination, conjunction, connection, partnership. See NEAR.

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